The MWP was featured on Polytrends!

Hi everyone!

I would like to share some exciting news with you: The MWP was recently featured in Polytrends- a magazine produced by our home institute Cal Poly Pomona! What makes this particular article so special is that four of our (awesome) volunteers were also featured in it. They were interviewed and shared some of their thoughts on the MWP.

You can view this article here: polytrends-winter2017

The official Polytrends magazine for the Winter 2017 quarter can be found here.

As we always reiterate, we owe it all to you, our volunteers! Thanks to your effort, we’ve been able to achieve many great things over the years.

I would also like to request your help in achieving our target of a million classifications by March 2017. Achieving this goal will help us improve our data reduction tools and create better catalogs of objects.

Keep an eye out for another blog post (on Fubbles!) over the coming week!

Signing off,






One thought on “The MWP was featured on Polytrends!”

  1. Your work here is notable and needs to be more widely recognized. Those who are inspired by the exploration of space understand how it is connected to our quality of life and to our survival. In the long run – the sustainability of our species on a planet in peril. In the short run – gaining new insights and perspective in attacking the intractable problems that our earth bound mentality can never resolve. Enjoy your work and don’t forget to have fun, but also don’t forget that what you are doing is vital. Look to each other for strength and don’t ever give up.


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